Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Custom Ordered Relationship Focused Dream Catcher

This is a custom ordered dream catcher I've made for a couple's home, for a place for peace and devine love. Please email if interested in a separate yet similar dream catcher.

This unique handmade dream catcher is supported by our earth with hand picked sticks, and centered by two carefully chosen gemstones beside one another to balance each specific vibrancy and to create an overall peaceful presence.  The Green Tourmaline gemstone harmonizes with the energy of the earth and the heart chakra to evoke pure divine love.  Said to be nature's best healing crystal of the physical heart. The other stone, Citrine flows well with tourmaline as it protects two peoples energies towards one another in arguments of negative surroundings and recycles it into positive energy.


Handmade with love by Renee Carey
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